Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thoughts On Being a "Lowly" First Year Pharm Student... (PLUS MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!)

So I did end up starting my own new YouTube channel at where I will be sharing periodic vlogs of my days as a pharmacy student as well as whatever beauty, lifestyle, or sit-down/advice videos I feel like posting.  I am so thrilled to have a new outlet for my creative juices, and I'm sure they will be fun to rewatch years down the road.  I'm really pleased with the videos I've posted so far...thinking of it sort of as my personal "video scrapbook."

And can I just address how annoying it is having to admit I'm a PY1 (first-year pharmacy student) to students who are already well into the pharmacy program?  I've ended up meeting quite a few of them already through my job because so many of them work there as well.  These individuals may all have unique facial features, but the look of pity and condescension that spreads across those features after they hear this piece of information about me is pretty much identical.  We haven't even started classes yet and I'm already sick of it.  (I'm sure my annoyance with this phenomenon will be comical to reflect back upon years from now.)

I just hope when I am in their shoes in the years to come that I still remember how discouraging it is to hear some of their negative remarks about the impending workload, and it will keep me from making future newbies feel this way before they've even started.  And not all of them have been discouraging with their comments, but the few who have are certainly not my favorites to be around so far.

In spite of the "gloom and doom" warnings I've been fed, I have to admit I was SO ECSTATIC when my first Chegg box of the semester arrived at my door on Tuesday - a Medical Terminology text for the "summer studying" we are supposed to do before classes start on August 18th.  Call me nerdy/crazy/masochistic/etc., but I have missed taking notes and digesting information on the topics that are most exciting to me.

I'm also getting antsy about school supply shopping, but I'm probably going to wait on that for a bit so that I'm still excited about the fresh new supplies when classes actually start.  And I'm potentially considering purchasing my very first iPad just to have as a pocket resource (yes, the iPad mini fits inside our white coat pocket) larger than my phone for easy access to Powerpoints, medical resource apps, and other tools I'm sure I'll be needing constantly over the next 4 years.  We shall see...

Needless to say, I am READY for classes to start!

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