Sunday, July 19, 2015

One Month Left Before Pharmacy School + Vlogging Channel?

So I have about one month of freedom left before my life becomes fully immersed in all things pharmacy.  Now that I have moved and settled into my new apartment in a new city, the nerves are starting to really multiply (as expected.)  Loan applications have been settled (UGH), classes have been registered, and I've even started my position as an intern at a new pharmacy location close to my school.  I have to pinch myself sometimes to be reminded that this is all finally happening, and I get to experience it at one of the top pharmacy schools in the nation.  Here is a look at my list of classes for the fall semester:
- Physiological Chemistry and Molecular Biology I
- Physiological Basis for Therapeutics I
- Basic Principles of Pharmaceutical Science I
- Introduction to Pharmacy Practice
- Patient Care Lab I
- Pharmacological Basis for Therapeutics: Antibiotics
- Nonprescription Pharmaceuticals and Supplies I
for a grand total of 19 hours, which is more than I ever had during undergrad.

Needless to say, I'm prepping myself for boatloads of stress, coffee, and junk food in my near future.

After watching the Shaytards' rewind videos they've been posting over the past several months, I've discovered I really envy their ability to go back and watch every week of their lives since they started vlogging and to watch the progress they have all made as a family and as individuals.  Because of this newfound jealousy, I've contemplated starting my own vlogging channel just so I have something to look back on and remember this pivotal time in my life.  If I did happen to do this, it would be with as minimal editing as possible and I would probably post one per week or every other week if I am able.  Now that I'm living a little further from my hometown, I feel like my family would enjoy being able to keep up with me better in this way, and I think it would neat to have for posterity as well.  Again, this may be overly ambitious of me to expect myself to have time for this, but who knows?  I think it would be worth the extra effort.

I'd like to do some pharmacy school Q&A videos along the way as well since there doesn't seem to be a huge wealth of them on YouTube just yet.  If I do embark on this YouTube adventure, the channel I will do this on is:

On a more personal note, my boyfriend and I had brunch with one of his college friends and the guy's girlfriend this morning, and I had the most BOMB deep fried french toast I'll probably ever taste.  If you're ever in Lexington, don't avoid The Village Idiot downtown just because of their name!  I am trying to enjoy eating out frivolously now before I am a slave to pharmacy school loans and debt.  I sure am thankful to not have any loan debt from undergrad though, lemme tell ya.

Thank you all for reading and if you ever have questions about jaw surgery, remember I will always more than happy to continue answering those as well.

xoxo Peyton

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