Monday, August 22, 2011

3 Weeks Post-Op! First Day of College Classes...

Today marks exactly 3 weeks since surgery! On one hand it seems like I was just in the hospital yesterday, and on the other it seems like these have been the longest 3 weeks of my life. I may not survive if I'm ever forced to be on a liquid diet again for any period of time throughout the rest of my existence. Pudding now seems like the most glorious treat on earth now that I'm actually allowed to use a spoon to eat. I've also tried a few things that would usually require light chewing but I just swallow it all instead: scrambled eggs, oatmeal, thick ice cream, and non-blended Spaghettios. Letting chocolate melt in my mouth is pretty satisfying as well. Feeling full is definitely no longer an issue.

My first day going to class as an official college student really could not have been more comfortably picturesque: 72 degrees, no humidity, light breeze, sun shining. Our campus is beautiful as well, so my time on campus always feels like something out of a movie. As worried as I am about my course load and being stuck studying 24/7, being here already feels so natural in a way I can't explain.

Splint removal in less than 2 days! I CAN NOT WAIT. Once it is gone, I will finally be able to see exactly how my teeth fit together--basically the entire reason I had the surgery. Expect a nice smiling-with-teeth-and-no-wires-or-splint-or-elastics picture Wednesday night! Opening my mouth is still really difficult, but Dr. McKenna said he would start me on some jaw exercises at our next appointment. I'm just really ready to chew and be 100% human again.

That's all for now! Just couldn't go without posting on the 3-week anniversary. Here's to 3 more weeks and hopefully being able to at least chew pasta and pizza by then.

I like how my lips look in this. haha

Freshly new & hopeful college student,

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