Monday, August 8, 2011

Quick Update! One Week. :)

This one is going to be very brief, I promise. Just wanted to point out that it has officially been one week and about 4 hours since I came out of the nearly 6-hour surgery that so drastically transformed my life.  It has in no way been an easy week, but I am so thankful the actual surgery went smoothly and without complication thanks to Dr. McKenna. Many jaw bloggers before me have stated that the first week is the toughest, and I am praying they are correct.

ALSO - I had my first delectable meal through a syringe tonight.

First, I tried a mango pineapple smoothie from McDonald's as a bit of an appetizer and was very pleasantly surprised by how tasty it was. And I could even effectively suck it through a straw! No syringe required. Even though my teeth are all still wired tightly shut, I just allowed the smoothie to seep through my front teeth if that makes sense. Might have to start making those a daily thing if I can manage it.

The main course was canned southwestern vegetable soup that had been both blended and strained. Absolutely amazing. It was honestly the biggest punch of flavor (slightly spicy even!) I've had in my mouth throughout the past culinarily miserable week. I was thrilled to finally be satisfying that undying appetite of mine for savory food... I nearly cried in my bliss. Granted it DID take quite a bit of work on my part with the slow straining process, but it was very worth it. The only parts that didn't survive the strainer were the skins of the black beans.

And to wrap up this incredible meal, I blended a Zaxby's chocolate milkshake (courtesy of my lovely grandma!) with 2 large scoops of Breyer's dark chocolate ice cream for the perfect dark chocolate milkshake - just thin enough to suck up through my rubber tube/syringe contraption. :)

My spirits are a little high right now if you can't tell. It is quite gratifying to have a full belly without the ache of hunger I've grown accustomed to over the past 7 days. I'm starting to have normal, non-food-obessive thoughts again.

Thank you to Haley for visiting me yesterday and listening to my ridiculous attempt to speak through my wires and wax bite as well as bringing my yearbook and the lovely gift! I felt a slightly normal again there for that time period.

Currently watching the season premiere of Bachelor Pad 2 as well. Jake is growing on me for some reason, even though I still think he is the dumbest Bachelor to ever be on the show for choosing Vienna over Tenley.

Guess that's about all I have for now! Happy one week to meeeee! :)

Full and satisfied for once,

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