Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick Break from Packing: Two Weeks Post-Op!

Hello everyone. These next few days are going to be absolutely insane for me, so I wanted to go ahead and post another update before I get lost in the whirlwind of packing/moving.  Wednesday is the big transition day for me, which means TOMORROW is my last full day at home! I can't believe summer 2011 is already coming to a close; it literally seems like we were graduating just last week. I'm about to call the 16th largest city in America my home. Whew. Talk about being anxious/excited/apprehensive/terrified/stoked/overwhelmed!!

As far as my overall attitude toward recovery and my torturous diet goes, not much has changed since my last post. Still downing milkshakes, soups, and whatever I feel like blending/filtering. The strangest part of it all is being able to physically fill my stomach with these drinks and concoctions, yet NOT being able to satisfy my cravings to have actual substance in my system. I am convinced that no matter how much liquid I intake, I am destined to feel weak and almost lightheaded every time I stand up or exert myself in any way. SO convenient considering I'll be moving boxes and suitcases galore in less than 48 hours. -_-

I have found that adding maple syrup to regular blender-made vanilla milkshakes makes them more flavorful as well as more filling in the long run. I know that sounds bizarre, but it's true. I discovered this after trying to blend a pancake with milk, ice cream, and syrup and ending up having to filter most of the pancake bits out. Hey, any method for cramming more calories into that blender is worth a shot.

I can not comprehend the fact that I have not eaten solid food in 15 days. Never would have guessed that was even humanly possible back before I endured this "adventure" to be honest.

Huge thank you to everyone who attended my friend Tiana's cookout last night and attempted to make conversation with me despite my insufficiently muffled, splint-and-wire-stricken attempt to speak these days. The scariest fact is I'm starting to get used to speaking this way, almost to a point where it feels natural. Lord help me. Oh and did I mention how much fun it was to watch everyone around me chowing down on steaks (though I don't eat steak, it still looked delicious in my desperate hunger), pasta salad, deviled eggs (which I then ended up dreaming about later that night), baked beans, and the worst...S'MORES...all while I sipped on my Sprite. Livin' the good life fo sho. I am enjoying all the lovely compliments, however. That part I could get used to.

I am so hoping my surgeon decides to let me abandon the splint this Friday, but I have a feeling that won't happen due to the nature of my specific surgery (my top jaw was split into 3 pieces in order to correct the width-can't remember if I've mentioned that in an earlier post of not.) The splint is apparently what makes talking so difficult. At least I'll be wire-free for sure.

My face hasn't really changed much since the last post either, so no new pictures for now.

BUT - I promise I will have lots of new apartment pictures to share as soon as I get everything decorated, organized, and moderately photo-worthy. :)

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