Friday, August 12, 2011

11 Days Post-Op: Favorite Recipe & My Grill

Still have some swelling that needs to go down, but I feel like this is a big improvement from my last blog picture.

Metal smiles rock the world. PS - the wiring makes smiling with my teeth so awkward.

Hello all. Nothing new has really occurred over the past couple of days (except for the appointment with my surgeon - more on that later), hence the lack of blog updates.  I did actually go back to my old high school to visit some of my favorite teachers today and say some final farewells before I make the big move to my new apartment for college next WEDNESDAY!!!!!  I must say, I'll never grow tired of the shocked/fascinated look on people's faces when they see me for the first time in person since the surgery.  Nobody realized exactly how drastically it was going to change my facial structure, and now I think they all better understand why I had been looking forward to it for such a long time.

Tip for fellow jaw surgery patients: do not make the same mistake I did yesterday and overestimate your ability to lift heavy things and carry out physical activities so soon after surgery. We don't have diets with any real substance yet, but it's easy to assume you can do all the things you're used to if you're feeling dandy like I was. That didn't last long when I tried to start cleaning, packing up my room, and lifting objects that normally wouldn't be a big deal. I overworked myself and it felt awful for a while afterward, but thankfully my grandma was there along the way and made the process more manageable as I become exceedingly weary. Just remember to take it easy on yourself.

I've hit some road blocks in the food department here recently as well, and have accordingly lost another pound. Grand total is about 7 1/2 pounds lost now, which is still not quite as terrible as I had expected. BUT today I tried out a new recipe I found online, and it has renewed my desire to eat again and explore new options. I wanted to share it on here in case any of you are or will be in the same situation:

Enchilada Soup
1 can refried beans
1 can enchilada sauce
1 cup chicken broth
2/3 cup grated cheddar cheese
1/2 tsp. ground cumin (or more - I added more)
sour cream (optional - I forgot to add it to mine, but it was still amazing)

Blend refried beans with enchilada sauce. Pour into sauce pan with chicken broth and heat gently. Add cheese & cumin and stir. Simple!

I found it somewhere online and didn't bookmark it. So credit goes to whoever created this delectable dish. If you are craving Mexican food during your oral entrapment, this is the perfect way to satisfy that craving.

I also thought some of you might like to see what my teeth look like, so here's a nice & large, unflattering picture of mah grill.
Still wired shut with that lovely splint in between my top and bottom jaws. Even so, I can already tell my teeth are going to line up perfectly once the splint is removed

I'm typing this in the kitchen right now and my sister just pulled a pizza out of the oven. Cruelty. Though I must say I'm becoming more and more immune to the sting of watching others eat solid food in my presence. I'm actually afraid I might forget how to even chew once this is all over and I'm free. The thought of biting into and chewing certain foods like chips, peanuts, apples, and carrots is beginning to scare me slightly. I can't imagine being able to handle that kind of friction anytime soon. :(  

I HAVE THRILLING NEWS THOUGH! My surgeon, the nicest and most caring individual on the face of the earth, has agreed to unwire me next Friday, August 19th - one week from today! This is a few days earlier than he usually unwires patients, and I am forever grateful that I won't be wired shut for my first day of class on August 22nd. I will still be rubber-banded shut and may have to keep my splint for a while longer, but it will definitely be a step up from feeling like I have a bear trap in my mouth.  
***iPhone app recommendation for any incoming college students who are worried about keeping track of their schedule: iStudiez Pro ($2.99). I just bought it for myself a few days ago and am honestly blown away by how thorough and organized it seems to be. You can input every small detail of your entire schedule as well as all assignments and due dates. I'm very excited to put this to work throughout my first semester of college!

I've also been to see 2 movies during my short period of recovery - Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Crazy, Stupid, Love. - both I really enjoyed even with the aroma of buttery movie theater popcorn surrounding and taunting me. Don't let being wired shut keep you from joining the outside world every now and then. It's not healthy to stay cooped up in a house 24//7. I was given "official" permission to drive again 2 days ago, so I made my first outing last night to Zaxby's (sad face here due to the torture of smelling their chicken without being able to tear into it myself) and a late movie. Second outing today was to my old high school which, as I mentioned before, was incredibly bittersweet. I miss those simple days. I'm on my AP Calculus teacher's Hall of Fame now for passing the college board exam! :) The starred nameplates are those of us who scored fives. :)

I blacked out all the names except mine - didn't want anyone mad at me for sharing their names on a blog like this.

Guess that's all I have for now. More updates to come - especially after I move in. My room right now is a WRECK as I'm in the midst of packing. Oh what a life!

Thankful to have music getting me through this mess,

PS - I posted a new video a few days ago on my YouTube channel at if anyone wants to check it out.

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