Sunday, July 31, 2011

Less Than 48 Hours Pre-Op! Ahhhh! LOTS OF PICTURES!

(I need to preface this by saying it's not just about surgery this time...I've included a lengthy collection of pictures to commemorate my time in high school. So if you don't like pictures, you'll hate this post. ha)

As promised, this post will be more about college preparation and the post-op future I'm anxiously anticipating.  On August 17th, 2011 I will be moving into an apartment right next to my university with 2 of my friends from high school.  Just sent in my very first rent check earlier this week I might post a video tour of it on this blog once I have it somewhat decorated and in order. :) I'm doing my bedroom in black and various shades of pink; bathroom will be black and white!
On the 17th and 18th, I'm taking part in some welcome/orientation-type activities for my Honors 101 class. Honestly I'm just hoping a portable erasable markerboard will be considered sufficient means for communication since I will probably still be unable to speak at that point...we shall see. My surgeon encourages actual talking, but I'd really rather not look like an idiot when meeting all kinds of new people for the first time.  If it's anything like our summer orientation, I am STOKED. See below video for a brief example of the fun we had there.

I don't know how anyone could attend our orientation and not be overwhelmed by cardinal spirit afterward. :)

I've also decided I need to include a reflection of the past few years of my life in honor/remembrance of the underbite soon to be eradicated.
Here are some of my favorite pictures with the underbite, pre-braces as well as with braces:

Freshman Year:
Cheer Camp in Panama City!
Man I miss not having braces...haha

Circus Soleil - AMAZING! Everyone needs to see a show before they die.

Key Largo on fall break!

Mama...absolutely one of the greatest people I know.


San Antonio - one of the coolest places I've ever visited.

Remember the Alamo!

Sophomore Year:

Part of the coolest birthday card I've ever received...thanks, Jessica!

After seeing the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert EXPERIENCE! hahahahha

AP Bio! Protein synthesis activity.

Robot competition

For a YouTube video...hahaha

Also for YouTube...


Santa Monica Beach

Marilyn Monroe's handprints

El Capitan Theater!

On the boat to Catalina Island :)

Junior Year:
AP Chem kids - the ultimate level of coolness.

Fun fact: This was around 2 days after the Days Difference self-titled album came out, so I had earbuds in pretty much the entire trip, listening to it. :)

Chicagooooo! - another one of my favorite cities.

Little brother #3

Our second robotics competition

Mr. Tanner Howe!

AJ Novak, fellow Calculus nerd - I miss Disco Curtis!!

Probably one of my favorite pictures of all time. He is the king of politeness.

One of my senior pictures! I had them done during junior year to avoid braces.

SENIOR YEAR (with braces) :
Cousins! <3


Football game!

Student section seniors :)

Halloween - Batgirl, Ke$ha, Flapper

Last high school football game EVER. We drove forever to get to it!

Gulf Shores

The best aerobics instructor OF ALL TIME!

18th birthday at The Melting Pot!

My amazing Bieber artwork courtesy of Haley!

AP Lit play :) Check it out on YouTube!

Travis, the ladies' man.

Senior Activity Day!

Reppin' U of L at prom!
Graduation practice :(

Last Day of High School, Graduation, & Summer 2011:
College roomies! :)

One of my best friends since elementary school

Very last day :(

Our class speaker who definitely made me cry during the speech

I've probably had more arguments with Eric over the years than any other human being on Earth.



My favorite junior!

College orientation!


Possibly my favorite part of summer...meeting THE Will Anderson of Parachute. I want to marry him.

Love Mr. Johnny Stubblefield as well.
You have no idea how badly I wanted to meet Kit, Nate, and Alex, but the entryway to the venue was PURE CHAOS. We got lucky being close to Will when he first emerged, and Johnny just happened to be close to us after that. But we were 3 1/2 hours away from home and it was already around 11 at night, so I needed to hit the road if I was planning on making it the whole journey back without passing out at the wheel.
And I've decided to leave out all other concert pictures because there are already way too many here. Might leave those for another huge post when I'm stuck in bed with my jaws wired shut and nothing to do... :)

Okay so I'll post one more pre-op blog tomorrow night probably! Can't believe it's FINALLY this close!

Sick of looking at my own pictures,

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